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For many people, the best place to bank isn’t a bank at all.

Credit unions let you bank the way you want, have the services you need, and always put people first. Keep reading to see why the best bank for you may actually be a Tampa Bay credit union.

Let's Compare

Some advantages of credit unions over banks.

You’re a part owner, not a customer.

Like any responsible financial institution in Tampa, we answer to our shareholders. The difference between a bank and us? Our members are our shareholders—not Wall Street investors. We are people-people.

People over profits.

Unlike banks, credit unions are non-profits. Which means, rather than focus on turning a big profit, they can focus on their members’ best interest, like say, better customer service and lower rates and fees.

Lower (or no) fees.

Count on lower, and fewer, fees at credit unions vs national banks. Withdrawals, checks, and electronic transactions are usually free. And when credit unions do charge a fee, say for overdrafts, it’s usually much lower than a bank’s.

Better loan rates

You probably know a few people who have gotten auto loans through a credit union, since we’re usually a good percentage point or two lower than banks and dealer financing. We also offer low rates on personal loans and mortgages.

Higher interest returns

Looking to make good money off of your money? Credit unions usually pay higher interest rates on checking, savings, and money market accounts compared with traditional banks. In some cases, up to ten times as much.

Good for our community

Since our credit unions are all based in Tampa Bay, they support charities in our local communities. Their priority isn’t New York or North Carolina, like many big national banks.


With credit unions, you’re a member, not a number.

Personal attention. Friendly greetings. Easy going attitude. A family feel. Just some of the reasons so many of our members chose a credit union over a
traditional bank.

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What We Offer

All the services you’re looking for. Only better.

Credit unions offer a wide variety of options for making the most of your hard-earned money. Like free checking accounts with all the services you’ve grown used to at banks. They also offer interest-bearing savings accounts that give members higher dividends and flexible terms. Best of all, you can enjoy credit union checking and savings accounts without all the irritating fees banks typically hit you with. 

If you have kids, it’s never too early to start exploring college savings account options too, along with retirement savings accounts to get you ready for the future. 

Opening an account at a credit union is quick and easy, and includes benefits like a handy debit card that can be used for free at thousands of ATMs nationwide.

Need money to finance a new or used car purchase? Or maybe you want to refinance your current vehicle? Credit unions are well known for the low auto loan rates they offer compared to most banks, along with flexible terms. They also offer exceptionally competitive rates on motorcycle loans. 

Odds are, you know a person or two who have wisely chosen to get a credit union auto loan recently. In addition to receiving some of the best rates around, they probably enjoyed an easy, convenient application process by calling the credit union, going online, or visiting a nearby branch. 

Another big benefit of using a Tampa Bay credit union for your auto loan? They’re able to approve, underwrite, and process everything locally, which makes for quick approvals and an overall smooth experience. And remember, auto loans are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wide variety of financing options you can take advantage of through credit unions.

Credit union mortgages come in all shapes and sizes to suit our members’ exact needs. From fixed-rate mortgages to adjustable rate. From new home or condo mortgages to financing for vacation residences. From construction loans to refinancing. Whatever option you need, count on getting low rates and fewer fees than through bank lenders. Credit unions even offer low closing costs and options for title and homeowner insurance. 

You can also count on the support of highly experienced local advisors to make sure the home buying or refinancing process goes as smoothly as possible when you get a credit union mortgage. They understand the Tampa Bay market and never forget that each home buyer’s needs are different. By keep everything (from application to final payment) local, the whole process feels easier and much more personalized than with most banks.

Many Tampa Bay companies are big fans of credit union business accounts. Everything from checking and savings accounts to flexible small business loans for start-ups, office renovations, and more can be tailored to your company’s particular needs. 

One of the obvious big advantages of business banking with credit unions is higher returns on your deposits than through most traditional banks. But there’s so much more. Most credit unions around the Bay offer a full range of business banking and merchant card services, including online and mobile banking, night depositories, financial planning, and more. Plus, since they’re locally based, credit union teams know your community well. Also remember, credit union membership can be great for your employees too. 

So help spread the word. Because everyone wants to make more of their money, while also doing more for their community. When you consider all this, the bottom line is obvious—small business banking with credit unions is a smart path to growth and financial success.

Imagine what you could do with a low-interest personal loan: start that big home improvement project, take that vacation getaway you’ve dreamed of, payoff mounting medical bills, or make some critical debt consolidation. Credit union personal loans are available for all those things and much more with the configuration of term, type, and interest rate that’s just right for your financial need. Because their staff never forget that everyone’s situation and preferences are different. 

Basically, a low-interest personal loan from a credit union provides all the benefits you may have experienced through a personal loan from a bank, but with better rates, quick approvals, and other conveniences. When you’re ready to make the leap, applying for a loan can be done by phone, online, or in person. You have a variety of options for making your loan payments as well.

If you thought only traditional banks offer the convenience of credit cards, you’d be wrong. Credit union credit cards are available with the latest chip card security and with a variety of different benefits and rates—from basic credit cards for students to ones with extensive premium perks.

In all cases, you can count on your credit union’s staff working closely with you to find the best solution for your family’s needs, with low fixed rates and none of the hidden fees of bank-issued ones. Many card options offer rewards programs with lots of extras; others provide cashback on purchases. You can even get extra cards for other users at no additional charge.

Tampa Bay’s credit unions make paying your card balance as convenient as any bank-issued one too. Check account charges and balances from anywhere through a credit union’s website, or use the mobile app that most offer.

There are few areas of the country that finance more boat and RV loans than Tampa Bay. So when you’re finally ready to pull the trigger on that fun extracurricular toy you’ve had your eye on, a Tampa Bay credit union can hook you up with low-interest rates on boat loans, or low rates on recreational vehicle loans, that put most banks to shame. 

A credit union loan advisor can guide you to the flexible terms and competitive rate that best suits your financial situation. If you already have your dream RV, they can also expertly handle recreational vehicle loan refinancing. Since their entire team is based here in Tampa Bay, you can expect quick approval and a relatively smooth loan process.  

So, why wait to take advantage of all the family fun you can experience across the Bay, on the Gulf, or along the open road? Today’s a good day to look into boat loans or RV loans from credit unions.

When you need access to cash, you want it to be conveniently close, an easy process, and you don’t want to be hit with silly fees just to access your own money. Right? Well, if you’re a credit union member in need of fee-free ATMs around Tampa Bay, not to mention when you travel around the country, you don’t have to worry. Credit unions from coast to coast have banded together to make fee-free ATMs accessible to members at 30,000 locations, thanks to a special credit union network. 

Yes, you heard right. No matter what credit union you choose to be a member of, you can use the ATM or debit card issued with your checking or savings account to access a massive nationwide network of ATMs. Unlike many banks, you’re not limited to the locations of a particular financial institution. How convenient is that?

With the frantic pace of most people’s lifestyles, 24/7 online access to their finances is critical. That’s why the online and mobile banking services you’ve grown to love are available at credit unions too. With online banking, you can conveniently log in to access your credit union account from anywhere and check account balances, search transactions, make online bill payments, transfer funds, and much more. 

Most credit unions also offer a handy, secure mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, giving you extra convenience and control, right from your smartphone or tablet. Which means you’re never out of touch with your finances, whether on the go, at home, or at the office

Don’t wait to begin planning for the inevitable future. The sooner you start working with a professional retirement advisor, the better. Tampa Bay’s credit unions have highly qualified specialists who can help members reach their retirement goals through personalized, trackable plans. They also have many smart financial options, including IRA savings accounts, Roth IRAs, Health Savings Accounts, and much more. 

The key to a more secure financial future starts with establishing a goal-oriented savings plan that takes into account your investment strategy, retirement plan rollovers and distributions, along with potential tax implications. 

Chat with one of Tampa Bay’s credit union retirement planning pros for a smart start on the future and to get on the right track for retirement.


Get steered into the perfect auto loan.

There’s a good reason credit unions have a great reputation for auto loans. Not only do they offer lower interest rates than most banks, but they also make the process quick and easy.
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