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Stories from the Front Lines: ECU Credit Union

Going the extra mile for members. Now and always. 

Focusing on member needs and on providing exceptional service has always been a key tenet of most credit unions. But in these chaotic times, it’s often more vital than ever. Here’s an inspiring story shared by one of our member credit unions in the BACU coalition.

One great example stands out recently from our Largo branch. 
A gentleman arrived at the credit union frazzled and confused. He needed to withdraw cash from his account using co-op shared services but could not find a location that was open to help him. This was especially frustrating because he was taking public transportation from place to place and did not own a cell phone to call ahead. 
The first teller he spoke to, after thoroughly trying to help, was unable to pull his account up with the information provided and a line was forming outside the lobby. A manager who overheard the issue offered to help the man and pulled him to the side. He emptied his wallet and looked through his pockets for another account number with no luck so she asked a second teller to contact the shared branch to see if they could assist. 
After several conversations back & forth, it was discovered that was not his home credit union after all, but a shared branch he used all the time, so more phone calls and research occurred. The outcome was a happy shared branch member with cash in hand! 
The ECU Credit Union team remains dedicated to helping any credit union member during these trying times.