Tampa Bay Area Credit Unions

The financial institutions that care more about members than profits.

Bay Area Credit Unions (BACU) is a local coalition of 15 not-for-profit organizations focused on what’s best for you—not corporate shareholders.

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Tampa Bay Area Credit Unions for Kids.

The Smart Choice

What’s the difference between banks and credit unions?

The beauty of credit unions is that they offer all the financial services you like about banks, but without all the negative baggage.


We’re here to set the record straight on credit unions.

Credit Unions Vs Banks

Compared head to head, the winner between credit unions and typical banks may surprise you.

Community First

When you’re locally-based, like our credit unions, you tend to be Tampa Bay-focused in your outreach

Everywhere you go

Credit unions are known for being local. But with a huge network of ATMs from coast to coast, we’re also national.

By the numbers

Our impact is bigger than what you may think.

Even though some folks aren’t yet aware of the advantages of credit unions, trust us, an awful lot of people sure are. And the good word is traveling fast.


Members *

There’s a staggering number of people who are members of a BACU affiliated Credit Union.


Branches *
It’s amazing how many locations there are for the 15 participating credit unions that make up BACU.


Charities *

A growing number of local charitable organizations have benefitted from the support of BACU-affiliated credit unions.

* Credit Union statistics based on total members of participating credit unions.  Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “Book of Lists – 2020

Peace of mind

Trust us, your money’s safe and sound.

We may be smaller, but similar to the protection the FDIC provides banks, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) guarantees the protection of member funds.


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